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Well its official.. Nonsense is no more.
After a failed search for a new female singer we are moving on and moving in another direction.
Nicole is also in another band The Parts
Jim, Will and Nicole may form a more heavy metalish band or they may all go do something seperate.
It was a blast while it was.
July 29, 2004 BR>
July 29, 2004 In addition to a new Singer we also now have a new Bass Player, Will Castillo.
Bio Information and such soon to follow. Will brings a more open, straight forward, punk inspired sound to Nonsense.
May 19, 2004 We now would like to welcome Joalien as our new Singer Extrordinair.
Check her out on our band page and please come and welcome her at our new shows!!!
April 10th, 2004 WAHHHH!!!! Starr has announced that she is leaving! Starr Will be moving to LA to pursue her career in June so we are in search of a new Singer! Contact us if you are interested!
Mar. 12, 2004 Hey! A new section's been added to this site in which you may kindly spend your hard-earned money on us!