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Jo Johnson
Jo - Vocals
Joalien hails from the east coast (Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, and Massachusetts), but considers herself to be a California girl since moving here in '99. She attends San Francisco State and is working on a degree in Journalism. Her #1 passion in life is singing. She has been singing since she was a tot. Several years ago she made her jump from the shower to the stage as the lead vocalist for the Oakland all-girl punk band, Inspect Her Gadget. Joalien left the band a year ago and has been writing lyrics and constructing (less punk) songs ever since. Joalien's influences range from Nina Gordon, Gwen Stefani, and Kay Hanley to Courtney Love, Kathleen Hannah, and Kat Bjelland. She also enjoys Green Day, 311, and The Ataris. Please come and say hey! after a show. She's sure to engage you in worthwhile conversation.
Jim Zuppan - Guitars
Playing in various bands since the age of 18, Jim decided to start a new project and took to the venerable Craig's List. With a large dash of luck, he met Starr (our original singer) and they came to be a songwriting duo that would become Nonsense. Jim's style reflects his love of a wide range of bands from Heart to Motorhead. Ozzie to Chopin. "I love Nonsense. I can punch it like Jimi Hendrix in one song then break into a soft melody for another." Jim has been influenced by Foreigner, Ratt, Great White, Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Scorpions, Montrose, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benatar, Def Leppard and anyone else with a loud guitar!
Jim, the Karate Judo master can sometimes seem trancelike while playing. We're not sure where he goes, but pretty certain it involves a large stage and some large amplifiers! Pet Nickname: Pick Shredder. If you want something designed or built, Jims your man!
Jim Zuppan
Will Castillo
Will Castillo - Bass
BIO Info Soon To Come!

Nicole Harrington - Drums
Nicole (also from the east coast) has been beating up the drums on and off since grade school but had never been in a band. After not playing for 10 years, a chance encounter lead her to be asked to join the band Honeyshot in 2000. She was in heaven and started gigging and recording with a variety of bands, but never finding that true group vibe again until Nonsense. Often called a female Keith Moon, John Bonham and Neil Peart, the term DrumSlayer suits her just fine. Nicole's influences include Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford, Alan White, Steve Negus, Neil Peart, Prairie Prince, Keith Emerson(also loves keyboards), School House Rock and most any 80's music.
The consumate gear freak, she has 2 drums sets. One she built from raw thin maple shells (her recording set) and her custom leopard print set for playing out. She is also responsible for all recording. A responsible drummer? Will wonders ever cease?
Nicole Harrington