What Is A Street Team?
Our Street-Team is a group of fans who help us expose new listeners to the band by encouraging people to come and see us live or buy our CD's. Also by posting on message boards, sending e-mails and instant messages to friends and fellow music fans, providing links to the band's website, visiting chat rooms, and generally spreading the word whenever possible.
Street-Team members should not spam sites with constant posts. They should, however, try to generate interest by relating their own experience with the band's music, supplying links to the website, posting album reviews, and so on.

Street Teams also receive band flyers and free stickers etc to be distributed to clubs Nonsense will soon be playing at and other Legal locations to generate interest!

Street Team members are not paid for their efforts, but they do gain access to exclusive Street Team material, interviews, unreleased music, Free admittance to select shows, the bands gratitude and more. Also Street Team members have the opportunity to win free Nonsense merchandise and attend a rehersal.

However Nonsense fans should join the team because they care about the band's music, not because they want to "win free stuff."
By being on our street team you become an extension of the band. A part of our posse!
You don't have to attend every show, just be willing to help us.
Not sure what you can do? Thats fine, we will guide you. Know what to do.. Go for it!

We realize we are asking for some sensitive information. But rest assured it's only for band use and is not shared.
We do however need to be able to contact you, send you material and know where you live so we know what to send you.

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