Nicole During The Honeyshot Days

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So Here I am. My first real band. I was so excited.
Then of course I realize, Oh Shit.. electronic drums just won't cut it.

So being the geek that I am off to the internet I went.. And there it was as if waiting for me, an 80's ImperialStar drumset. With the 80's style single headed concert toms and all.
At the time I needed money pretty badly so I sold my Roland kit. *SIGH*

But oh well. I was now a drummer in a kick ass all girl power trio.
And that we were. We were such a great fit musically.
The guitarist is probobly one of the best I have heard and the bassist was killer and oh what a voice!

So there I was knee deep into my first real band and I had not really played in 10 years.
I had not played with another human in over 15 years!
So what could happen.. well.. We were offered a gig to play 2 weeks after I got my set. Band Mantra... Never Turn Down A Gig..
I was Sooo bad. I did a decent drum solo to fill the set though that people seemed to like.. All things considered, I still can't belive I did it.

We made some killer recordings (that you can hear off my hear me page) and got pretty damn tight.

What happened a short time after that however is a long and sad story that would be better for tabloid reading. As with all families (and thats what bands really are) there are issues that must be accepted and worked with or around or run away from.
(put 3 very creative headstrong people into a room and shake vigorosly.)
Suffice to say I am not with Honeyshot anymore but I wish them well and success.

Sept 4th, 2001 --> Dec 1st 2001
It was the best of times.. It was the worst of times
But most of all I would not trade it for anything!
Hell If it were not for Veronica's tenacity (or was it desperation) I might not have started playing drums again!

Interesting Events:

  • We played a gig were we played after a perverted puppet show. (how Spinal Tap is that)
  • My leather halter top came undone and rolled down during a song at our first show. I finished the song.. then fixed it :)
  • After we played our set, the drummer from a band that played before us came up and asked for our autographs saying "I know you guys are going to be famous"
  • While at the studio recording a song I had a bra "explode". Well, shoot out the little metal underwire. Kept on playing though :)

    Equipment used during this time and on the recordings.
    (Yes, I like lists. I'm slightly OCD and it helps me remember since I change things so much)