MISS CONDUCT is a trash-metal garage-punk band consisting of three women and one lucky guy who believe in playing
hard & heavy and fast & furious! Smashing the restrictive boundaries and labels used to describe rock music, Miss Conduct
plays metal & punk with a just a bit of funk and some good old rock 'n' roll in a show that is loud & energetic!

MISS CONDUCT gets the house jumping and moving with:
Betty O, Miss Wild & Crazy on Vocals
Jimmy Shears on Guitars, inspired by the past, but fast & crazy for the here & now!
Nicole Harrington, aka Nikki Drumslut, a hard hitting Drummer who has been called one of the best in the Bay Area
Kitty Litta, with Bass so low you know you're on the best kind of rollercoaster ride!

MISS CONDUCT was featured on ABC 7 News for our performance in the 2002 Bay to Breakers Run!
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