Nicole's Musical Journey

As soon as I start getting my taste for music back.. Wam. My Girlfriend and I breakup, Business starts to go down the tubes and my stocks are worth almost nothing!
Then my landlord decides he has to sell the house.
My boss wants me close to the datacenter in case of emergencies. The only places I could find were dumps or outragous in price.
The Tech Boom pricing had not hit rental prices yet.
So.. I did the stupid thing of course. I went for the outragous price place.
BAD move. Not only did the neihbors freak with the slightest noise, preventing me from playing 99% of the time, then next thing I know I am unemployed too.

BUT.. In the depth of my despare.. I was at a party wearing my Drummer Girl t-shirt and someone says they know a girl band who needs for a drummer and gets my email for them to contact me. (Just goes to show it pays to advertise!)
I wanted to play and I knew nothing of the CA music scene.
The singer/bassist contacts me and talks me into trying out and gets the ok for me to tryout using their soon departing drummers set.

I was now In-The-Band - A dream come true. My first real band! And an all girl 80's metal band to boot