Nicole's Musical Journey

{1986} My Stuff now crammed into another apartment

Bye Bye 8 Track - Replaced it with a cheapo cassette 4track with built in mixer
Smaller monitors and my drums went into storage

But I was in school and had started my own small business to pay rent etc that really took off.
It took off so well I moved into a small house.
This allowed me to play my set again. But No pics of it, but nothing changed from before.

It was 1990 when the gulf war broke out and business went to hell everywere. My business suddenly went in half in 4 months
I was going through a major life change so I moved out of the house to a really small apartment
I was unemployed for sometime, but soon I was working at an electronics company and started getting into computers.
I had just built my first computer. An 8088 computer. Wooo...
Suddenly computers then the internet then Unix became the focus of my life..
Then my Girlfriend became a big focus and she hated loud music Soo playing music went away and I never really got back into it.

Until --- 2001