Nicole's Musical Journey

Here I am In Another Classic Maryland Basement!

My Mom recently passed away and I was kicked out of my own house by my sister.
It was supposed to be mine and her house left to us by our mom but due to an aunt that disliked me and who also had her name on the deed, the house wound up going Only to my sister. (It still really pisses me off - both my sister and my aunt)

So.. being young, confused, angry and a little stupid I spent all the inheritance my mom left me on musical gear and moving to a rental in the country.

I'm allergic to cigarette smoke so I could never play out unless it was outdoors (there was no NON-smoking then) and I was really tired of all the flaky musicians so I decided to set up a recording studio for myself.

Boy do I miss this stuff. It was some really great now classic gear !!!

Lets see. In addition to before I added :

  • I switched to most all fyberskin heads for the roto toms (so nice and warm)
  • Added some chimes and a bunch of new Paiste Cymbals

  • Added a Crumar (something)
  • A Univox Phase Shifter (still the best)
  • A 12 channel stereo Peavy mixer for the keys.
  • A Carvin 16/8/2/2 Mixing board (It was awesome!)
  • Teac 38 8 channel tape unit and Ampeg tapes
  • (2) Teac 4 channel DBX Units
  • Teac (something) cassette 4 track
  • Teac mixdown reel to reel with DBX, tape and speed controls.
  • AKG 280 Monitor Headphones
  • Mixdown monitors (don't remember the brand)
  • Roland Rack mount (analog) reverb unit
  • (Not shown) A Sunn Amplifier for a Keyboard Monitor
  • (Not shown) A real, very cool Leslie Cabnet with the built in tube amp. (soo coool)