Nicole's Musical Journey

My dad kicked us out of the gallery.

Here we are back in my basement.
I finally got the last Roto Tom so now I had the full set: 6-8-10-12-14-16-18
The Bass Drum was a cool old Ludwig 22" (I think) (I had to keep a 30 pound lead weight in front of it to keep it from moving)
I had some spare money becouse I worked a lot so I started to indulge in my love of keyboards
I am very self taught on the keys, but I like to play and come up with my own stuff.

As you can see.. even then I was somewhat of a gear head.
Keyboards are: Yamaha CP30 piano - Roland jx3p (w/controller) - Yamaha CP70 Electric Baby Grand - Roland Juno 6 - Univox Mini Korg

It was also then that I started my tradition of having an oriental style rug under my set.

We also had a deaf cat (freak accident) who would wander through while I/we played.
He loved to stick his head in the bass drum (foof foof foof) went his furr. He loved it. R.I.P